Soucika at May Queen’16 Indiranagar Club

‘Paragons of love’ are the women dressed in Soucika’s bridal collection! Check out the exclusive Bridal wear collection from Soucika by Kamal Raj for May Queen Contest at Indira Nagar Club!
Thanks to TJ Photography & Design Studio for capturing the beautiful wedding show!















Show Choreography: M.S. Sreedhar

Make Up: Robert & Team

Show Stopper: Neha Shetty, Former Miss Mangalore and Sandal Wood Actress.

Courtesy: Indiranagar Club, Bangalore




Soucika by Kamal Raj Manickath at Bangalore Fashion Week Summer Online 14th Edition

The Collection Named ‘Chaya’

The word Chaya is derived from the Sanskrit origin meaning, “Shades of colors”. Just as the title goes, the collection is purely about how colors define fashion.

Seizing inspiration from one of the interesting form of arts called Dot Painting, which uses color as a chief factor, the garments are designed in an inimitable way that it takes Dot Art to a whole new level in fashion!

A not so ancient art form, Dot Painting, having its history from Australia is a sacred art of rendering one’s identity onto the canvas in the form of colorful dots.

The collection ‘CHAYA’ is one of the kind which genuinely depicts the distinctiveness of a woman!
The collection holds three categories of women’s wear, in which we specialize, them being Bridal Gowns, Lehengas and Evening gowns. 
The collection has 10 – 11 garments in each category. The bridal gowns and evening gowns are fabricated with the most delicate fabrics and adorned with inimitable manner of embroidery. 


 Speaking about the lehengas, they are crafted with beautiful Indian hand embroidery in subtle and bright colors drawing inspiration from one of the finest arts called ‘Dot Painting’.









Famous Model and Upcoming Film Actress Neha Shetty as Show stopper for the Show!

Special Thanks to Mr. Sandeep Kumar from ‘Divum Studio Works’ for the amazing clicks!


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Confused about resort wear?

Trust us, you are not the only ones who are confused about resort wear and trust us one more time as we say this – Resort wear is not only about bikinis, monokinis and hot pants. It is much more than that. Would you ever consider wearing a resort wear to a date? To an evening party? Or your friend’s wedding or your own wedding? Sounds intriguing rite?

Resort wear was started as a fashion trend only for the elite, the upscale and affluent customers who preferred spending their post Christmas weeks in exotic locations. Very recently the trend has been accepted as a year round fashion clothing style and is being accepted widely on the runway around the world.

Resort wear is usually made of soft and high quality fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette or poplins. Something which is very easy to wear, breathable and quick to pack.

We live in a country which is in a fashionably developing stage, hence the knowledge of resort wear is still on a growing step. People forget the fact that beaches are not only about skimpy swim wears, hats and giant sunglasses. So in this post we will learn about the segregation of resort wear.

Did you know that resort wear can be divided into three styles? Resort formal, resort semi formal and resort casual? We bet your jaws are touching your office table right now. We don’t blame you.

1. Resort formal – Something exquisite, something chic and elegant, something which accentuates your lady like features. A resort formal wear could be a long maxi dress, a flowy skirt or a body hugging tunic. Anything that would be perfect for a date night at the beach, to attend a formal family function or to go for a little sophisticated social evening.

2. Resort semi formal – Something that would go from brunch till dinner date. Something which can be worn with flats and high heels as well. Like a sun dress, knee length skirt and crop top.

3. Casual resort wear – Baggy georgette or silk pants, paired with strapless top, match it with a flat or wedges. Casual resort wear is perfect to go for shopping with your friends, take an evening stroll around the beach, or go just any other random activity.

When it comes to creating your own style, there is no end to innovation so you can mix and match and make you resort ensemble even more interesting by adding accessories to it.

We hope this post will help you get ready for Spring 2016 and should you need any assistance then feel free to get in touch with us and if you want to invest in some fabulous resort wear then drop by our store or visit our website Source Blog

Hear it from our client – Dr.Sharda

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We have always believed in making our clients happy by giving them more than they ask for. Yes, we believe in quality over quantity and having a loyal customer base. Recently we had a chance to chat with Dr.Sharda who just happened to step into our store and has been visiting ever since. She took time out from her busy schedule to tell us how she feels about the brand.

  • How did you find out about the brand Soucika? – I stay in Indiranagar and I happened to spot the boutique when I was on my way to work, and I liked the clothes displayed on the mannequin so I decided to go in and explore.
  • Apart from the clothing, what do you think about the service of the brand? – Apart from clothing, I love their ambience and also their flexibility in delivering on time. I have never been let down on that.These people are my life savers for all my last minute shopping.
  • If I ask you to list down few things that you absolutely love about Soucika? – I absolutely love their exclusive collection, and also the custom made clothes fit to perfection. all the designers there are great in their work. and they give me exactly what i have in mind and I have always been satisfied with their work. and also they are affordable and not too expensive.
  • There are other bridal boutiques available in Bangalore then why Soucika? – yes I am getting married in the month of may… and I am looking forward to getting my clothes designed from here, as I trust and know that they will come up with something different and exclusive. And I feel they are compatible with my budget. and I don’t have to worry about getting my clothes on time. I’m sure they will make me look stunning.
  • Any particular style of garment which is your favorite?– I love their lehengas and sarees.and the ready made blouses.

We loved our little chat with Dr.Sharda. We are looking forward to make her wedding gown a dream come true for her.

Stand out in the crowd this holiday season

Let’s face it ladies. Every woman likes to get noticed whether married or single, young or adult. But then, who doesn’t? It’s only human to feel good when people notice you. Isn’t it?

Holiday season has begun and we are just few days away from a brand new year which means, lots of weddings to attend and parties to go to.

It’s that time of the year when you should make heads turn. Let the men out there know that you are a personification of true Indian elegance. A woman who not only is intelligent but is also highly aware of her personal style.

For a change, let them all know that to party hard and to look sexy you do not always have to wear shorts skirts and mini dresses. There is so much more to explore.

If you know your personal style well and are good at mixing prints then you are mastering the game already.

Good for you that Bangalore weather allows to try out multiple things, expands the horizon of styling by letting you layering. The moderate climate condition always gives more styling options.

Having said all that – If you are in a confused state of mind, constantly juggling between what to wear for a western themed party and what to wear for an Indian themed party, then we will break it down for you. Consider Soucika’s brand new collection as your sartorial answer.

Accentuate your Indian elegance or show your elegantly wild side by selecting from the wide range of Anarkalies and indo western resorty party wears. Perfect for multiple occasions. Whether it is a brunch date or a late night dinner, social gathering with family or a dance party with friends, sangeeth or the wedding. Our newest collection of party gowns are the choicest range you would not want to miss. And like they say “Let them boys know you are a cool catch”. (wink)

What else?
Don’t you want to find out for yourself?
Visit our store in Koramangla, Commercial street or Indiranagar.

Visit our website for more information.

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From the Director’s Desk – 5 Questions with the man himself

Hello there ladies,
Soucika as you already know takes pride in creating immaculate pieces of clothing and if there is one more thing that we are proud of – is our relationship with our clients. Yes, we do not believe in just selling garments but how happy we can make our customers by giving them what they desire. Soucika has a vision, mission and goal and with hard work and determination, we are all set to make a difference in the fashion world.

Last week we got a chance to chit chat with the man behind the brand. Our creative director Mr.Kamal Manickath, whose love for fashion and design lead him to creating a bespoke brand. So here is an exclusive short but sweet interview for the very first time in our blog –

1. Tell us a bit about the Philosophy of Soucika?
People in Bangalore are from various walks of life, who have various demands, in terms of price, when it comes to clothing. The philosophy behind Soucika is to provide impeccable bespoke fashion service to Bangaloreans. When Soucika was started in Bangalore, there wasn’t much option for bespoke designer clothes in reasonable price and that was the main objective of us – To provide perfect fit, on time delivery, customized fashion.

2. What excites you most in fashion now?
Fashion is unpredictable, it is fresh each day! Every day is exciting for me !

3. What do you have to say about the Contemporary styles in India?
Indian fashion has been drastically changed in terms of silhouettes and colors. Fashion like katori blouses have vanished, and people prefer more of crop tops now. Red and golden which was found predominantly in fashion has now decreased to more of subtle yet vibrant colors.

4. Tell us about Soucika’s Vision?
To be the best fashion brand in both retail and bespoke service, internationally. We are soon to launch our virtual dress designer, which gives the users the liberty of designing their dream dress with just few clicks away from anywhere they are connected to the web.

5. What according to you are two Bridal essentials?
THE must have bridal essentials are amazing lingerie, fine and trendy jewelleries to go with the dress.


10 reasons why Soucika should be your wedding shopping destination

Hello Ladies, Festive season is here that means wedding season is not very far and which can only mean one thing – Time to shop! While you may come across a lot of brands and boutiques claiming to sweep you off your feet and give you exactly what you need. “Soucika” would not promise you anything like that. We leave that on our clients to decide, but what we can promise you is a non regrettable time and investment. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, here are 10 reasons why you should step into one of our stores today –

  • Locations – We are located in three prime shopping locations in Bangalore. Did not know that? Well it’s high time you should. We are present in Koramangla, Indiranagar and Commercial street. Checkout our website or facebook page for more details.
  • Bespoke – Yes, we make dresses which fits perfectly. Custom made just for one person. That means, you get to decided everything – from the fabric selection till the design, print and the pattern and we will make your dream dress a reality.
  • Accessory – That’s right! we also have the bridal accessory for you, so that you do not have to go and look anywhere else.
  • Hand Embroidery – We have expertise in Swarovski, beading work, thread work, dabka, zardosi, aari, crystal work, crochet and work on different base fabrics like crepe, chiffon, georgette, tulle, lace, fur for enhancing fashion products.
  • You can be the designer – Sounds bizarre ? Well as you know that we also function online. You can share your design ideas prior to booking an appointment to meet us so that we can do our homework and be ready for our stylish rendezvous.

Do you need any more reasons ladies? So next time you plan to attend a wedding, a party, a formal event or planning to get married yourself and do not know where to go shop then give us a call. We will take care!


Bridging the gap – Presenting “Soucika Talks’

Finally! Presenting “Soucika Talks”. An exclusive blog to connect directly to our customers. Wondering why we took so much time to embark on this. Well there is always that moment we all wait for and for us “NOW” seemed to be the perfect juncture.

Soucika was an initiative taken by Mr.Kamal Raj Manickath in 2013 with a vision to make women feel beautiful and to give everyone an access to custom made Trousseau Essentials. We are not just a store, we are a fashion house and we take pride in it. So whether it is a designer lehenga, or a cocktail dress, bridal gown or bridesmaid dress, we have got it all covered for you. Our impeccable designs and noteworthy tailoring, craftsmanship and attention to detail, will make every girl the belle of the ball. After all occasions do not just happen!

We customise our designs for our clients. Our aim is to make our clients happy by making a dress which is one of kind. Made just for her, for her body and for her soul, an investment she will never regret. A dress that would talk about her personality and bring out the effortless elegance.

Our blog will be a medium for us to reach out to you and for you to connect with us. This would be our style guide for the dignified women of today. What to expect from this?

Weekly style updates, bridal trends from around the world, trousseau styling tips, new arrivals, event updates, interviews, fashion shows news, health ,fitness and a little bit of gossip. What more can a woman want?

We have three stores across the city. For more information visit and do not hesitate to drop us a line or leave your comments below and we will get back to you. So until next time – Stay Elegant!

Source: Bridging the gap – Presenting “Soucika Talks’