Four fast fixes to wedding day wardrobe disasters that brides freak out about

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So it’s your wedding day. You are getting butterflies in your stomach. You are excited and nervous at the same time. You are hungry but do not feel like eating, you want to laugh and cry at the same time. You are losing patience and looking zonked for no apparent reason. We understand. It’s your big day and you want everything to be perfect including your man.

Well, we do not want to be a party pooper but it’s only fair for someone to give you a heads up. When the final countdown begins, the bride goes on cloud nine and nothing can destroy that faster than a wardrobe malfunction. Here we have described commonly found malfunctions that brides face and how to quickly fix them.


Malfunction no 1 – Zipper getting stuck : One of the most commonly occurring problems on wedding days. While we understand that you get over excited to put on your wedding dress, please make sure that you handle the zipper delicately. Make sure to check you’re not accidently dragging any fabric in it while zipping. Always keep a wax stick or a desi candle with you to apply on the zipper in such situations as it will smoothen the movement. And worst comes to worst – If the zipper breaks down, your safety pins or needle and thread will come in handy.

Malfunction no 2 – Staining your white dress disaster : The last thing you want to see is one small spot on your wedding gown. So if you happen to spill some red wine on your dress, pour some white wine on top, it will pull out the stain. If you are too scared to try this new technique then keep a white chalk handy and cover the stain with the chalk dust. This would help even if you spill things like tea or coffee on your dress.

Malfunction no 3 – Lint problem : You are about to walk the aisle and you find lints and your cat fur all over the train of your dress (God help your love for animals). Keep a lint roller handy and roll it over your dress twice or three times.

Malfunction no 4 – Heel fix : Nothing can be more embarrassing for a bride than trip over broken heels rite before she walks towards her man. For avoiding such situation or to fix such situation a quick fix glue would be a great idea. While you cannot stop a wedding, you can definitely get another pair of shoes while the ceremony is going on and change later. How about that ha?

So what we are trying to suggest here is that – While planning a perfect wedding is very much achievable, unseen disasters are also likely to happen. So it is always advisable to stay well equipped and hey , you do not need much to do that you know .

All you need is a candle stick, bottle of white wine, a white chalk stick, lint roller and a quick fix glue. (wink) Happy wedding and remember if you are looking for a wedding couture destination then Soucika is the place to go. We will take care of your needs. For more information visit –

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