Hear it from our client – Dr.Sharda

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We have always believed in making our clients happy by giving them more than they ask for. Yes, we believe in quality over quantity and having a loyal customer base. Recently we had a chance to chat with Dr.Sharda who just happened to step into our store and has been visiting ever since. She took time out from her busy schedule to tell us how she feels about the brand.

  • How did you find out about the brand Soucika? – I stay in Indiranagar and I happened to spot the boutique when I was on my way to work, and I liked the clothes displayed on the mannequin so I decided to go in and explore.
  • Apart from the clothing, what do you think about the service of the brand? – Apart from clothing, I love their ambience and also their flexibility in delivering on time. I have never been let down on that.These people are my life savers for all my last minute shopping.
  • If I ask you to list down few things that you absolutely love about Soucika? – I absolutely love their exclusive collection, and also the custom made clothes fit to perfection. all the designers there are great in their work. and they give me exactly what i have in mind and I have always been satisfied with their work. and also they are affordable and not too expensive.
  • There are other bridal boutiques available in Bangalore then why Soucika? – yes I am getting married in the month of may… and I am looking forward to getting my clothes designed from here, as I trust and know that they will come up with something different and exclusive. And I feel they are compatible with my budget. and I don’t have to worry about getting my clothes on time. I’m sure they will make me look stunning.
  • Any particular style of garment which is your favorite?– I love their lehengas and sarees.and the ready made blouses.

We loved our little chat with Dr.Sharda. We are looking forward to make her wedding gown a dream come true for her.


Where did the ring bearer come from?

Wedding season is on a full swing. Couples are busy planning their weddings and incorporating all the possible traditional elements to make it eventful. While we talk about traditions the first thing that pops in the head is “Something old something new something borrowed and something blue”, we might forget another very important and relevant tradition of a page boy carrying the “ring bearer” which is included without much thought to the history behind the custom.

So did you ever wonder: Where this term come from? How did this become a tradition and probably the history behind it?

We decided to take this upon ourselves and let you know. After much researching, we came to know that there is no proof where this tradition has originated from. Some sources say that this was born in Ancient Egypt where it was customary for treasured jewels to be carried on ornamental pillows during wedding ceremonies so others say that this came about during medieval times when the Northern Europeans started to charm their brides-to-be by presenting the ring on the tip of a sword. During some periods of history, rings were thought to be pagan and therefore they were not used to establish marriages whereas in other eras the mere absence of a ring exchange in a wedding ceremony was considered to be bad luck for the couple.

A ring bearer has always been carried to the alter by a page boy who is of the age 4 to 10 , way back page boys used to be servants who originally carried the bride’s train and a prayer book along side with the rings. The tradition has continued into modern times. The pillow signified wealth and good fortune for the couple. The rings were tied onto the pillow for the page boy to deliver to the altar for exchange. Back then, they used to wear a white lace collar and sash but with time that trend is done and dusted. Today a page boy sports a dapper tuxedo just like the groomsmen and the groom.

The wedding ring symbolizes the new bond between the couple, the commitment to each other and trust. They are the most precious gift that the couple exchange on the day of their wedding and make a promise of a lifetime so it is only fair that rings are treated with care. Hence the “Ring Bearer” serves the purpose!

Soucika has introduced your nuptial essentials so if you are looking for one then visit our stores in Indiranagar, Koramangla or Commercial Street or visit our website www.souckia.comfor more information.

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Stand out in the crowd this holiday season

Let’s face it ladies. Every woman likes to get noticed whether married or single, young or adult. But then, who doesn’t? It’s only human to feel good when people notice you. Isn’t it?

Holiday season has begun and we are just few days away from a brand new year which means, lots of weddings to attend and parties to go to.

It’s that time of the year when you should make heads turn. Let the men out there know that you are a personification of true Indian elegance. A woman who not only is intelligent but is also highly aware of her personal style.

For a change, let them all know that to party hard and to look sexy you do not always have to wear shorts skirts and mini dresses. There is so much more to explore.

If you know your personal style well and are good at mixing prints then you are mastering the game already.

Good for you that Bangalore weather allows to try out multiple things, expands the horizon of styling by letting you layering. The moderate climate condition always gives more styling options.

Having said all that – If you are in a confused state of mind, constantly juggling between what to wear for a western themed party and what to wear for an Indian themed party, then we will break it down for you. Consider Soucika’s brand new collection as your sartorial answer.

Accentuate your Indian elegance or show your elegantly wild side by selecting from the wide range of Anarkalies and indo western resorty party wears. Perfect for multiple occasions. Whether it is a brunch date or a late night dinner, social gathering with family or a dance party with friends, sangeeth or the wedding. Our newest collection of party gowns are the choicest range you would not want to miss. And like they say “Let them boys know you are a cool catch”. (wink)

What else?
Don’t you want to find out for yourself?
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Days before your big day – 4 things a bride must do!

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After getting engaged if there is one thing that haunts every bride to be day and night, it is the thought of looking and feeling perfect on her big day. Her dream of being the Cinderella in a castle dancing with her Prince with her perfect smile, flawless skin, long and luscious hair. Sighh… well it’s natural to feel that way but are you planning to do anything about it or just dream about it? We hope not. That is why we are here to help you. This article will tell you the what are the things you should be doing weeks before your big day. .

  • Skin care – Let’s face it. A bride is all about being beautiful inside out and having a flawless skin is a must. Even though cosmetic inventions have taken quite a bunch of load off our shoulders, if you take care of your skin, you will have that extra glow making you look radiant. We would suggest start the treatment at least a month before your big day. Try out home remedy and go for a facial at least a week before the wedding. Go and see a dermatologist if you are suffering pigmentation and other skin conditions.
  • Stay fit – We advice this not only so that you can look great and fit into your wedding dress but also so that you have a healthy life. Involve yourself in some kind of sports activity and if you have access to the gym then spend sometime in the treadmill. It is not only good for toning up your body but also for a good cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Eat healthy – One of the key factors to be taken into consideration as what you eat will not only affect your body but also your skin and hair. So make sure you are eating appropriate and on time. Not to forget, drinking lots of water will help.
  • Manicure and pedicure – Manicure because he will be putting a ring on it (wink) and pedicure because… well just because you do not want an un-kept feet and you may be wearing an open toe shoes.

So while you are dealing with the jitters in the stomach and occasional mood swings, make sure that you take good care of yourself and yes take good sleep as well because we all want to see brides happy and beautiful.

Did we miss anything? Feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below and visit our website for more informationwww.souckia.com

4 Things Every Maid of Honour freaks out about

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Feeling privileged? Are you donning your first ever maid-of-honor hat? Well in that case you must be getting jitters in your stomach thinking of whether or not the bouquet will fall in your hands but hey before you get there, we are sure there are other things that are occupying your mind. Are we right?

Weddings are intense occasion and with bride and groom to be, there are others who get nervous as well and that includes the “Maid of Honour: Now, it’s only fair for them to feel like it’s there big day too, after all, they will be walking on the isle before the bride arrives and there will be audience gawking, making them feel awkward and wondering if there dress is ripped from somewhere. Don’t worry because that’s how it is suppose to be. Making memory was never easy. So to comfort you a bit more we decided that we would curate things every Maid of Honour thinks about at a wedding.

Throwing a perfect bachelorette party for your friend – Yes we understand you want to make it perfect for your friend and also prove that you are her BFF but do not let this feeling overwhelm you. A bachelorette party does not have to be extravagant and expensive. All you need is a private place, few good friends, music, food and some drinks and rest will happen.

Your bridesmaid dress and your expectation – It’s human to expect more than one should. It is quite normal for a girl to keep her hopes high when it comes to her bridesmaid dress. After all, she will be the third person who will get the attention after the bride and the groom and she would want to look perfect to be able to handle that rite?

Fear of tripping and falling – Well, we’d be lying if we say that it won’t happen. No one knows the next second of life so even if that happens stand up again, laugh along with the people who you catch laughing at you and carry on. The best thing to do is to keep the front length of your dress short enough for you to be able to move you feet freely.

Fear of raising the toast – So what you are not a natural speech giver, you do not have to talk to dozens of people present at the venue. You only have to talk to one person. So focus on her and let the audience listen. – So what you are not a natural speech giver, you do not have to talk to dozens of people present at the venue. You only have to talk to one person. So focus on her and let the audience listen.

Having said all that, below are few of the bridesmaid dress for you to get inspired from so take a look and be a head turner at the wedding.

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Four fast fixes to wedding day wardrobe disasters that brides freak out about

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So it’s your wedding day. You are getting butterflies in your stomach. You are excited and nervous at the same time. You are hungry but do not feel like eating, you want to laugh and cry at the same time. You are losing patience and looking zonked for no apparent reason. We understand. It’s your big day and you want everything to be perfect including your man.

Well, we do not want to be a party pooper but it’s only fair for someone to give you a heads up. When the final countdown begins, the bride goes on cloud nine and nothing can destroy that faster than a wardrobe malfunction. Here we have described commonly found malfunctions that brides face and how to quickly fix them.


Malfunction no 1 – Zipper getting stuck : One of the most commonly occurring problems on wedding days. While we understand that you get over excited to put on your wedding dress, please make sure that you handle the zipper delicately. Make sure to check you’re not accidently dragging any fabric in it while zipping. Always keep a wax stick or a desi candle with you to apply on the zipper in such situations as it will smoothen the movement. And worst comes to worst – If the zipper breaks down, your safety pins or needle and thread will come in handy.

Malfunction no 2 – Staining your white dress disaster : The last thing you want to see is one small spot on your wedding gown. So if you happen to spill some red wine on your dress, pour some white wine on top, it will pull out the stain. If you are too scared to try this new technique then keep a white chalk handy and cover the stain with the chalk dust. This would help even if you spill things like tea or coffee on your dress.

Malfunction no 3 – Lint problem : You are about to walk the aisle and you find lints and your cat fur all over the train of your dress (God help your love for animals). Keep a lint roller handy and roll it over your dress twice or three times.

Malfunction no 4 – Heel fix : Nothing can be more embarrassing for a bride than trip over broken heels rite before she walks towards her man. For avoiding such situation or to fix such situation a quick fix glue would be a great idea. While you cannot stop a wedding, you can definitely get another pair of shoes while the ceremony is going on and change later. How about that ha?

So what we are trying to suggest here is that – While planning a perfect wedding is very much achievable, unseen disasters are also likely to happen. So it is always advisable to stay well equipped and hey , you do not need much to do that you know .

All you need is a candle stick, bottle of white wine, a white chalk stick, lint roller and a quick fix glue. (wink) Happy wedding and remember if you are looking for a wedding couture destination then Soucika is the place to go. We will take care of your needs. For more information visit – http://www.soucika.com