From the Director’s Desk – 5 Questions with the man himself

Hello there ladies,
Soucika as you already know takes pride in creating immaculate pieces of clothing and if there is one more thing that we are proud of – is our relationship with our clients. Yes, we do not believe in just selling garments but how happy we can make our customers by giving them what they desire. Soucika has a vision, mission and goal and with hard work and determination, we are all set to make a difference in the fashion world.

Last week we got a chance to chit chat with the man behind the brand. Our creative director Mr.Kamal Manickath, whose love for fashion and design lead him to creating a bespoke brand. So here is an exclusive short but sweet interview for the very first time in our blog –

1. Tell us a bit about the Philosophy of Soucika?
People in Bangalore are from various walks of life, who have various demands, in terms of price, when it comes to clothing. The philosophy behind Soucika is to provide impeccable bespoke fashion service to Bangaloreans. When Soucika was started in Bangalore, there wasn’t much option for bespoke designer clothes in reasonable price and that was the main objective of us – To provide perfect fit, on time delivery, customized fashion.

2. What excites you most in fashion now?
Fashion is unpredictable, it is fresh each day! Every day is exciting for me !

3. What do you have to say about the Contemporary styles in India?
Indian fashion has been drastically changed in terms of silhouettes and colors. Fashion like katori blouses have vanished, and people prefer more of crop tops now. Red and golden which was found predominantly in fashion has now decreased to more of subtle yet vibrant colors.

4. Tell us about Soucika’s Vision?
To be the best fashion brand in both retail and bespoke service, internationally. We are soon to launch our virtual dress designer, which gives the users the liberty of designing their dream dress with just few clicks away from anywhere they are connected to the web.

5. What according to you are two Bridal essentials?
THE must have bridal essentials are amazing lingerie, fine and trendy jewelleries to go with the dress.


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I am a Fashion design graduate and Fashion Merchandiser by profession. Have been working in the Indian fashion industry from 2008. Have got good experience in Bridal fashion and my blogs reflect my exposure to the path i have crossed in the industry. Visit for more info

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