From the Director’s Desk – 5 Questions with the man himself

Hello there ladies,
Soucika as you already know takes pride in creating immaculate pieces of clothing and if there is one more thing that we are proud of – is our relationship with our clients. Yes, we do not believe in just selling garments but how happy we can make our customers by giving them what they desire. Soucika has a vision, mission and goal and with hard work and determination, we are all set to make a difference in the fashion world.

Last week we got a chance to chit chat with the man behind the brand. Our creative director Mr.Kamal Manickath, whose love for fashion and design lead him to creating a bespoke brand. So here is an exclusive short but sweet interview for the very first time in our blog –

1. Tell us a bit about the Philosophy of Soucika?
People in Bangalore are from various walks of life, who have various demands, in terms of price, when it comes to clothing. The philosophy behind Soucika is to provide impeccable bespoke fashion service to Bangaloreans. When Soucika was started in Bangalore, there wasn’t much option for bespoke designer clothes in reasonable price and that was the main objective of us – To provide perfect fit, on time delivery, customized fashion.

2. What excites you most in fashion now?
Fashion is unpredictable, it is fresh each day! Every day is exciting for me !

3. What do you have to say about the Contemporary styles in India?
Indian fashion has been drastically changed in terms of silhouettes and colors. Fashion like katori blouses have vanished, and people prefer more of crop tops now. Red and golden which was found predominantly in fashion has now decreased to more of subtle yet vibrant colors.

4. Tell us about Soucika’s Vision?
To be the best fashion brand in both retail and bespoke service, internationally. We are soon to launch our virtual dress designer, which gives the users the liberty of designing their dream dress with just few clicks away from anywhere they are connected to the web.

5. What according to you are two Bridal essentials?
THE must have bridal essentials are amazing lingerie, fine and trendy jewelleries to go with the dress.


For those who are not familiar with the beautiful “Indian Wedding Tradition”

An Indian wedding is all about colors, rich culture, customs and festivities that has been bestowed on us by our ancestors and have existed for hundreds of years. The rituals are so strong that we still follow them in India. Let’s begin. Shall we?

  • The Holy Date also known as the “Shubh Muhurat” – Most people struggle to decided when will their wedding be. Spring wedding or summer wedding, wedding on the beach or in a resort? But here in India couples let the stars and planets decided when and where. This ofcourse is done with the help of a spiritual guru who looks at the couple’s zodiac signs to find out the perfect time and place to ensure a prosperous marriage.
  • The wedding attire – Unlike most of the countries, our Indian brides trade their “Something White” for “Something Red”. Yes, the Indian tradition calls for a bright colour sari or lehenga embellished with gold and silver details which symbolises spirituality and fertility.
  • Mehendi also known as Henna – It has beautified Indian women for thousands of years. It does not only have the cosmetic value but also herbal and medicinal value to it. In this part of the wedding ceremony women come together and prepare powdered henna mixed with lemon and water to make a fine paste which is then applied on the hands and feet of the bride to create paisley and floral patterns. It is believed that the darker the brides mehendi, the stronger her marriage will be.
  • Haldi Ceremony – It’s a symbol of good luck where a day before the wedding relatives come together and apply turmeric paste on the grooms and brides body. Of course in two respective venues as the couple is not allowed to see each other. Apart from cleansing the skin, the paste is believed to ward off evil spirit and provide healing properties.
  • Mandap – Finally the wait gets over the and the bride and groom see each other at the holy madap which stands firm on four pillars which represents strength of the holy matrimony and the blessings of their parents.
  • Holy Fire also know as Agni – The couple then has to take seven rounds around the holy agni and recite the pledge of marriage. Agni is suppose to be the witness to the ceremony.
  • Mangalsutra – Heard of the term “Tying the knot”? Well in Indian tradition it means what it means. The groom ties a holy thread made of beeds around his brides neck to claim the marriage and the bride continues to wear it throughout her life to show her marital status.
  • Vidaai/ Bidding farewell – An emotional moment where the bride has to say goodbye to her family and friends to start a new life with her husband. While leaving she takes a handful of rice and throws it backwards over her head to show thanks and pay homage to her parents.


10 reasons why Soucika should be your wedding shopping destination

Hello Ladies, Festive season is here that means wedding season is not very far and which can only mean one thing – Time to shop! While you may come across a lot of brands and boutiques claiming to sweep you off your feet and give you exactly what you need. “Soucika” would not promise you anything like that. We leave that on our clients to decide, but what we can promise you is a non regrettable time and investment. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, here are 10 reasons why you should step into one of our stores today –

  • Locations – We are located in three prime shopping locations in Bangalore. Did not know that? Well it’s high time you should. We are present in Koramangla, Indiranagar and Commercial street. Checkout our website or facebook page for more details.
  • Bespoke – Yes, we make dresses which fits perfectly. Custom made just for one person. That means, you get to decided everything – from the fabric selection till the design, print and the pattern and we will make your dream dress a reality.
  • Accessory – That’s right! we also have the bridal accessory for you, so that you do not have to go and look anywhere else.
  • Hand Embroidery – We have expertise in Swarovski, beading work, thread work, dabka, zardosi, aari, crystal work, crochet and work on different base fabrics like crepe, chiffon, georgette, tulle, lace, fur for enhancing fashion products.
  • You can be the designer – Sounds bizarre ? Well as you know that we also function online. You can share your design ideas prior to booking an appointment to meet us so that we can do our homework and be ready for our stylish rendezvous.

Do you need any more reasons ladies? So next time you plan to attend a wedding, a party, a formal event or planning to get married yourself and do not know where to go shop then give us a call. We will take care!


Bridging the gap – Presenting “Soucika Talks’

Finally! Presenting “Soucika Talks”. An exclusive blog to connect directly to our customers. Wondering why we took so much time to embark on this. Well there is always that moment we all wait for and for us “NOW” seemed to be the perfect juncture.

Soucika was an initiative taken by Mr.Kamal Raj Manickath in 2013 with a vision to make women feel beautiful and to give everyone an access to custom made Trousseau Essentials. We are not just a store, we are a fashion house and we take pride in it. So whether it is a designer lehenga, or a cocktail dress, bridal gown or bridesmaid dress, we have got it all covered for you. Our impeccable designs and noteworthy tailoring, craftsmanship and attention to detail, will make every girl the belle of the ball. After all occasions do not just happen!

We customise our designs for our clients. Our aim is to make our clients happy by making a dress which is one of kind. Made just for her, for her body and for her soul, an investment she will never regret. A dress that would talk about her personality and bring out the effortless elegance.

Our blog will be a medium for us to reach out to you and for you to connect with us. This would be our style guide for the dignified women of today. What to expect from this?

Weekly style updates, bridal trends from around the world, trousseau styling tips, new arrivals, event updates, interviews, fashion shows news, health ,fitness and a little bit of gossip. What more can a woman want?

We have three stores across the city. For more information visit and do not hesitate to drop us a line or leave your comments below and we will get back to you. So until next time – Stay Elegant!

Source: Bridging the gap – Presenting “Soucika Talks’

The Future of Visual Search and Marketing : Pinterest

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Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 6.34.58 PM

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