5 Ways To Ask Your Friends To Be Your Bridesmaids

Planning a wedding can be very stressful including selecting your Maid Of Honor and Bridesmaids. It’s very important to have the right people by your side who believes in your union and ceremony.  The person who you select should understand the role they play, when helping you to plan your wedding. I personally prefer to have 1-3 bridesmaids who are genuine than a bunch of women who don’t care and just posers.  Hey that just me, but any who… if you know who you want to be in your Maid of honor and bridesmaids. I’ve gathered some inspirations on how you can pop the question to ask them.

1.Traditional Card: You can’t go wrong with a card. 9304bc2128f5249e6c699e5678ed6bda


2.Bridesmaids Lunch Box: Love the idea of asking them with a box full of goodies.2370f6b8fb9e265e8ce0d3b4eb718aa5


3.Champagne Bottle: Once they have accepted, you can pop the bottle and celebrate together.il_570xN.340981574


4.Puzzle Game: 

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