The success behind the dress.

In light of my recent post, ‘Behind an Oh Perfect Day’, I thought to myself, what is the perfect wedding day without the perfect wedding dress?!

It so happens that Founder and Creative Director of Oh Perfect Day, Jane Lovejoy, is the sister of highly successful wedding dress designer, Anna Campbell. A talent for developing successful businesses and creating exceptionally beautiful things clearly runs in the family.

Anna Campbell (Photographer: 35mm Photography) Anna Campbell (Photographer: 35mm Photography)

I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Anna Campbell, to pick her brain about her passion for bridal design and how she came to be a globally successful designer.

Anna Campbell’s designs are like no other. They feature stunning intricate detail, luxurious fabrics and divine silhouettes made to the highest quality. With boutiques in Brunswick and Armadale, as well as stockists in North America, Canada, New Zealand and Europe, Anna Campbell has made her mark on…

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I am a Fashion design graduate and Fashion Merchandiser by profession. Have been working in the Indian fashion industry from 2008. Have got good experience in Bridal fashion and my blogs reflect my exposure to the path i have crossed in the industry. Visit for more info

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