Elegant Lace Wedding Dresses

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Lace was originally most women’s favorited element, if applied on the top of a beautiful wedding dress, even more perfect. As an iconic, long time staple of bridal design, lace hardly offers a surprise to the world of wedding dresses.

Lace wedding dress looks fashionable, feminine, and most importantly, beautifully bridal for any wedding style. Whether you crave a cropped lace veils for your city hall nuptials or an intricately embellished ball gown for a country club bash, you can do no wrong in a lace wedding dress

The most important element in lace wedding dresses is a high quality, well-made lace.

There are three common high-end lace applied on the wedding dress:

Embroidered lace

Embroidered lace is embroidered on a base using a needle. The base varies according to the type

Mainly various mesh gauze fabric for the base, with silk or cotton embroidered lace top. This is more…

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