What can we learn from the Samsung’ warmhearted campaign?

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I saw a campaign online about the Samsung’s campaign launched in Turkey for the people who have the hearing disability. In this short video ,it just shows an ordinary day for a person who has hearing disability. And all the people he met just talk with him with sign language. At the end of the video, it reveals that it is designed by the Samsung team, this young man just burst into tears.

I like one sentence in this video “a world without the barrier is our dream”. This video call center can help this kind people meet less problems when they make the phone ,but it is only the little part of this big thing. I really appreciate Samsung’s this campaign , because this organization not only focus on the profit ,but also care about the society responsibility. I think all the companies should learn from it . But…

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Producing BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme: An Inside Look


Around this time last year I wrote an article about my then job, which was managing the social media and website for BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. Not long after publishing it, I was given the chance to to move off the online team and become a producer on the actual radio show. I thought now might be a good time to write an updated blog entry about what this job involves and give some examples of what I’ve been doing for the past year for anyone who might be interested in hearing more about the behind-the-scenes mechanics of the show.


First of all, just to quash from the gate any suspicion that I landed this dream job by being some kind of ruthlessly ambitious careerist, let me say that this is a role that I never envisioned myself doing. Not because I didn’t want to, quite the opposite, but because working for a programme…

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The success behind the dress.

In light of my recent post, ‘Behind an Oh Perfect Day’, I thought to myself, what is the perfect wedding day without the perfect wedding dress?!

It so happens that Founder and Creative Director of Oh Perfect Day, Jane Lovejoy, is the sister of highly successful wedding dress designer, Anna Campbell. A talent for developing successful businesses and creating exceptionally beautiful things clearly runs in the family.

Anna Campbell (Photographer: 35mm Photography) Anna Campbell (Photographer: 35mm Photography)

I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Anna Campbell, to pick her brain about her passion for bridal design and how she came to be a globally successful designer.

Anna Campbell’s designs are like no other. They feature stunning intricate detail, luxurious fabrics and divine silhouettes made to the highest quality. With boutiques in Brunswick and Armadale, as well as stockists in North America, Canada, New Zealand and Europe, Anna Campbell has made her mark on…

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Elegant Lace Wedding Dresses

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Illusion Bridals

Lace was originally most women’s favorited element, if applied on the top of a beautiful wedding dress, even more perfect. As an iconic, long time staple of bridal design, lace hardly offers a surprise to the world of wedding dresses.

Lace wedding dress looks fashionable, feminine, and most importantly, beautifully bridal for any wedding style. Whether you crave a cropped lace veils for your city hall nuptials or an intricately embellished ball gown for a country club bash, you can do no wrong in a lace wedding dress

The most important element in lace wedding dresses is a high quality, well-made lace.

There are three common high-end lace applied on the wedding dress:

Embroidered lace

Embroidered lace is embroidered on a base using a needle. The base varies according to the type

Mainly various mesh gauze fabric for the base, with silk or cotton embroidered lace top. This is more…

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